On behalf of the thousands of patients and employees in Connecticut’s Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs), I am writing to express deep concern for a recent 6 percent tax imposed on same-day surgeries that I fear puts patient access to valuable care at risk.

The ASC model has been proven as a cost-effective way to deliver surgical care to Connecticut patients. Data show that ASCs save the State of Connecticut, its taxpayers and — most importantly — patients millions of dollars a year in health care costs by delivering care at a lower cost than other surgical settings.

Sadly, the new 6 percent tax on ASCs will have a crippling effect on our sector’s ability to provide the care our patients prefer and need. In fact, data shows the unprecedented tax will cause 25 to 30 percent of Connecticut’s ASCs to operate at a loss, which can ultimately lead to center closures.

ASCs provide a valuable service and well-paying jobs to the citizens of Connecticut. We provide efficient, high-quality and low-cost community-based care. Every dollar that is taken from the ASC is in fact taken from an employee or a patient.

I encourage our state lawmakers to look no further than our sister state of Rhode Island, which recently repealed their ASC tax after its legislature recognized the irreparable harm that was caused by its just 2 percent tax on ASCs.

A 6 percent tax on ASCs will not save the state from its financial woes. To the contrary, it will increase health care costs over the long run. It’s time for Connecticut to do the right thing and repeal the harmful tax on our patient’s surgical care.

— Susan Bojka, MSN

North Haven Surgery Center