I would like to thank Dr. Thomas Rockoff for making us aware of the new gross-receipts tax on ambulatory surgery centers that was quietly imposed [Feb. 1, letter, “Surgery Center Tax Crippling”]. Not only is it the highest in the nation, it adds to the financial burden for people needing medical attention.

In many cases, medical bills can exceed all other expenses, especially for the elderly. I understand our governor is desperately looking for ways to pay for our ever-expanding and overregulating government, but taking money from people needing medical attention seems to go too far. Perhaps a 25-cent per-person, per-day tax for being alive would help meet the budget. (Please understand this suggestion is not to be taken seriously.)

I am only trying to point out that any new tax should not single out a specific group of people who have no control over this additional expense. People with medical needs will be hurt the most. Hopefully, this tax will be repealed.

Charles Ranheim, Glastonbury