Ambulatory surgery centers are extremely important to Connecticut’s health care delivery system, offering more convenient same-day surgical care at a lower cost. Despite this, the General Assembly put ASCs across Connecticut at risk by recently imposing a 6 percent provider tax on same-day surgical procedures, applying only to ASCs. Early estimates suggest 25 to 30 percent of ASCs may be run out of business, putting jobs on the line and forcing thousands of Connecticut patients to seeking more expensive treatment options.

In fact, Medicare reimburses ASCs at 58 percent of the amount it pays to hospital outpatient departments, translating to savings for patients, insurers and taxpayers alike. In addition, the tax simply isn’t fair. ASCs already pay state and local taxes; therefore the 6 percent provider tax effectively creates a “double tax” on a critical healthcare sector. Patients, providers and the general public agree that the tax should be immediately repealed. Indeed, a recent statewide poll found more than 4 out of 5 voters oppose the tax.

The Connecticut Legislature should repeal the ASC provider tax immediately. If not, our state will instead see higher healthcare costs, job loss and reduced access to patient-preferred care.



The author practices at River Valley Ambulatory Surgery Center in Norwich.